B.R.A.P.P and stuff

Had the car in for the brake fix needed from my last post, so since Friday I’ve had an XT-5. Comfy, lots of space for bringing things to the IMSA Northeast Grand Prix this weekend, and a good Home Depot run.

But, today I noticed my basement was leaking in the downpours and thought about that cost, on top of all the other house costs I have coming soon. Then I had a dentist appointment, my 5th this year with thousands of $$ dentistry to go this year. I got way down. Until I picked up my baby.


And now, after a quick joy ride, EVERYTHING IS BETTER! I love this car so much, and even with all the trouble it’s caused me I always come back to how it drives is the only thing that really matters. I want it forever.

Bonus C8 content!!!: Not that anyone is reading this but I don’t want another full thread... Will the C8 feel much faster than the C7? It didn’t gain THAT much HP and torque, it’s still RWD, and it weighs more. I read how they made the 0-60 much better but when you’re already moving that stuff isn’t nearly as effective in comparison. I could be wrong, please correct be, but I think it might not be a linear increase comparing 0-60 improvements vs highway passing improvements.

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