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Baby Comin': Looking for Car Recommendations

Just found out recently my wife is pregnant with our first child, and I'm thinking it might be time to replace my 25 year old car that has almost no safety features.

(Full Disclosure: If I'm being honest part of me just sees this as an excuse to buy a new car.)


Initially I was thinking Ford Focus ST, but reading about it online it sound like you can only just barely fit a rear-facing child seat in the back, and the cargo area isn't actually all that spacious. It sounds like it would work, but maybe just barely. So I turn to you, oppo, to see if you have any suggestions for alternatives. Here are my requirements:

  • Sedan, Wagon or Hatchback.
  • Budget of up to $20K (Focust ST is a little more than that, so I would be willing to stretch a bit).
  • Needs to have good, modern safety features.
  • Needs to be fun to drive, or at least not boring.
  • Either new or used is OK.

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