In case you haven’t heard, here’s a reminder that Baby Driver has been added to the list of required viewing for all oppos. If the threat of loosing your license to shitpost on the worlds finest automotive subblog isn’t enough to convince you to get your ass out of your chair, and plonk down 15 bucks to sit in a movie theater’s chair instead, here’s a little tidbit to prove that director/writer/creator Edgar Wright may well be more jalop that any of us.

Obviously if you were already planning on going, just go enjoy it. Get out of here or you’ll see the mild spoiler below the buffer image and you might decide to say horrible things about my mother in the comments even though I warned you! But for those on the fence....

Sooo the movie relies heavily on music, and on the idea of picking the perfect song for an occasion. Obviously since it’s a movie about a wheel man, one of the occasions the movie suggest perfect songs for is driving fast. And at one point in the movie, Baby chooses Radar Love to accompany him as he runs from the rozzers.

I refuse to accept that there is any explanation for this other than that Wright watched, and remembers(!), the early seasons of old new Top Gear. He’s one of us. As a British motoring journalistit might say, it was as if someone had reached inside my brain and pulled out a movie.