Y’all can’t deny.

This thing was kind of a bastard to assemble. It’s a Curt 18115 Roof Rack with the Curt extension piece 18117. It measures 62.5"x37"x4". I am so glad I am a machinist. I also spent $26 replacing the garbage hardware this had with stainless steel and zinc plated.

There is now an annoying buzz at 60mph that gets louder the faster you go. Going to have to address that ASAP.
Had to make these because I would’ve ran out of thread before it got tight. Machined out four of these then realized I needed four more. Ugh.


Pre-rusted for your satisfaction!


I have to cut down and cap the studs holding this down so it doesn’t tear the travel bag I just bought. Stupid. I also wrapped black tape at each section where the tubes joined to try to keep some water out of the tubes.

Overall this rack is okay. I will someday fabricate one that is so much better constructed. I bought a Keeper rooftop travel bag as recommended by Ash78 still wonders why it isn’t called ComeFundMe. Hopefully I can find and eliminate the buzz the rack creates tonight because it will drive my wife and I insane if I have to tolerate all the to the East coast and back.