Instead of saving my money to buy a bigger PC monitor I used some to buy a little Axial SCX24 RC Jeep Wrangler. Money well spent :)

The law makes you feel small
Crush that Caravan :P

Next to a 1:18 Maisto Jeep Wrangler. Pretty much the same size. Axial could of made it a 2-door and label it as 1:18 scale

Just like a 1:10 scale RC, just scaled down. Even has a steel frame!


Thinking what im thinking? Need much stronger springs and lower gears, but it would work.


Haven’t taken it outside yet, but it’s a lot of fun in a small RC. For $119 it comes with everything you need


Only complaint is the weak shocks. It’s 90% compressed just sitting on the tires.

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