And supposedly the car’s first as well

Got to the National Corvette Museum track nice and early thanks to misunderstanding time zones.


Stickers. I have at least 270 whp now.

Always good to have a talented co-driver! Seriously though on my first session had an helpful instructor ride along. There were other more noviced novices who needed an instructor more haha.


Had 4 sessions 4-5 laps each time so a nice amount of seat time. TIL: Track days kill your mileage, had to refuel after 3 sessions, I had an avg mpg of 15.3 mpg with the first half being mostly highway. Usually it’s 22city/26hwy. Tires held up alright after getting the pressure right, but things get a little squirrelly at the end of the session. Nothing puckering but the TC and ABS intervened a time or two to keep it from getting to that stage. It’s a really well behaved car, I wasn’t expecting to control the rear slide as easily. You hear a lot about MR’s being trickier, but it wasn’t too difficult to play with near the limit.

I’ll definitely be changing the brake fluid at the next maintenance haha.