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The past decade has seen super light kart-like street cars gain popularity massively. Capable of mind boggling acceleration and face distorting cornering speeds, they truly are the most pure driving experience to not be relegated to the track. We’ve heard the opinions of many animals regarding this breed of car, including those of various sized monkeys, a Spaniel, and even a hamster.

This past Saturday at Carlsbad Cars and Coffee, yet another animal was able to enjoy the experience - enter the California Grasshopper.

Our Tettigoniidae examines the foam covered air intakes. He deems them acceptable.


I wish I could share with you exactly what his thoughts were on the beautiful and brand new BAC Mono, but sadly there is no way to translate much of Grasshopper into anything that could be understood by humans. In short: He loved the design of the single seater and the British manufacturer’s dedication to weight savings, however was critical of the fact that it wasn’t made of alfalfa (this happens to be his main complaint about anything that isn’t alfalfa).

For reasons that are difficult to explain the Grasshopper wasn’t allowed to drive the 1200 pound machine although, using his many sensory organs, he experienced it in ways that you and I will never able to.


“My, this Hewland gearbox [untranslatable] fantastic. I wonder if it [untranslatable]?” Wonders the insect.

After just a few minutes our friend’s review was cut short by the presence of a mild breeze. Unfortunately, as he drifted away from us, he was struck by a Mustang that was also drifting away from us as it peeled out of the parking lot and into the center divide. Nature and machine had met. Both were destroyed. A brief moment of unhinged understanding and pure clarity washed over me as I reached into my pocket for another Salvia leaf and continued my day.


The owner’s garage contains many other spacecraft from the year 2048.