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Back At It?

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I woke up to my “go to the office” alarm this morning. After my shower I used cologne and 80mph worth of product in my hair (it wasn’t enough). I put on real pants and a button down. I poured some coffee in a Yeti, peeled the cover off the M3 and drove to work! I have been in a few times to pickup hardware for new employees, but this is my first day “back in the office”.


It’s just myself, the head of HR, and a few others. All of the consultants basically fuck off for the summer so we really won’t have to deal with the masses until September and that’s only if PA continues to go in the good direction with new cases.

My company used to be an “you’re here for 10 hours a day or you’re not working hard enough” company. Now they’re like “do what ever makes you feel comfortable because we just realized that we have all of this technology that works anywhere.” As an added bonus, everyone has been showering your boy with kudos! Which is neat in a generally thankless role. I took us completely cloud and did away with VPN late last summer.


It’s honestly pretty weird. No one is here and the few people that are might as well be at home as I have already talked to someone via zoom who is a few offices away... Doors are shut, kitchen is closed, lot is empty... I doubt I will be back with any kind of regularity until the fall. No way I’m staying a full day.

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