I’ve just returned from a week in the outer banks. Our group of 11 ended up +2 foot injuries, +1 head injury, and -40 some cases of beer... Not bad for a bunch of thirty somethings acting like high school seniors. It was my first trip to the outer banks, but won’t be my last. Campfires on the beach is my favorite thing about it!

I didn’t wear shoes or drive a car for an entire week, so here’s our Subaru doing Subaru things.

It seems that I’ve missed some things! Hondabro is out a Honda!? Now what? Please bring me up to speed!

Also, and motherfuckingfinally. Our chicken coop is finished! We started it in mid June and we just finished the week before vacation. My tools are everywhere and my workshop is a total mess, I can’t wait to have it back. We still have a little dirt/trim work to do around the bottom, but it’s secure and the birds are enjoying it. Anyway, here it is:



Happy Monday!