Thanks to Kinja 2.0 some of our complaints have been addressed. We have following again ala Jalopnik 4.0. (Where's my orignial buddy list dagnabbit!) We have tagging again (RIP hashtags)! BUT the most glaring issue I see is that I still cannot get back to where I was in oppo, FP, planelopnik, what-have-you, after I click to see the discussions. Can we fix this? I think it would make butt tonnes (metric of course) of people happy.

 Edit: I just realized that my browser back button does this in Firefox. LONG LIVE KINJA 2.0!

PS Imgur got their gallery reload thing fixed in like 1 internet day (~5 hours).

PPS A spell checker would also be super cool guys. I haz problemz with tuping (and so does Matt Hardigree).

PPPS Is there a tag for Gawker help now? They used to have a forum....