Mileage results were surprisingly disappointing. Last week I got 28mpg in mixed around-town driving. On the highway though?

I was hoping to break 30mpg. It was a clear day with little to no wind, pretty flat terrain to cross, and I only got stuck in traffic twice. But I guess the traffic did me in because I only returned 29mpg on the trip up.

The trip back was even worse, I faced strong headwinds the entire way and only got 27mpg.

This is not too bad for a low-compression 1.7 liter engine. A VW beetle of the same era with even less engine and less power would be hard pressed to beat those numbers in the given conditions. But on the other hand, there were abundant imports of that era that would return better figures. Iā€™m still happy about the improvement new tires and a tune up made; when I bought the car and drove it back from Dallas it only did about 24mpg, which is pretty shitty for a car this size.