saw a Thing

I took my wife and kids up to York for her 30th b-day. It was very nice up there. The town has that old tyme feel. The weather started out kinda meh, turned I’m a gunna kill you, then cleared up beautiful.

The one problem I had was with parking. Everything was metered. I didn’t see anything that said the hours for pay. I put the first quarter in and it gave me 15 minutes. the second gave something like 7 so I figured it brought me to 5p.m. and that was the end of the pay day. well no, now I have a $25 dollar ticket. Fuck that so I drove to the police station to debate it. Their only offer was to fill out a form. I’m guessing they tell me I still need to pay.


on the highway on the way home I saw an unusual car coming in the opposite direction. At first I thought it was Rally Fighter but o wow was I wrong. What I saw looked very similar to this:


y so much lift?