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Back from seeing the saddest group of Saabs ever.

Got the tip off last week about a collection of Saabs headed for the crusher. I was free to grab all the parts I could carry for free if I wanted them. I got a transmission, steering racks, a set of steel wheels, and more than enough hubcaps for them. But the cars themselves were a sorry sight.

I don’t want to say much about why they’re here and in this state, it’s a private story I figure. But they’re here. And they’re going to be gone soon. I really had hoped to find a car worth rescuing. But most of the cars had been left outside for years and the floors were swiss cheese. However...

This wagon had been stored under a roof and was pretty much complete and rust free. I’m trying to get it. Wish me luck. I’d hate to see a car like this go to the crusher.


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