Back from the Body Shop...

...and I’m pleased with the result (ignore the parking job, I was in an empty park looking everything over). I picked it up last Friday.

The fit and finish of the work done is great, and they did a fantastic job matching the color. The front bumper cover, left fender, left front wheel, and left front fender liner were all replaced. It also spent a bit of time on the frame straightener to fix a slightly bent radiator support. This required another alignment (the second in three weeks). The paint was blended into the left front door, and several stone chips were touched up for free (including a nasty one on the leading edge of the hood). A small chip in the left headlight was repaired, and both headlights were polished. Finally, the car was fully detailed, both exterior and interior (but no wax, I have to wait 60 days to wax).


All said and done, the total came to $2,600, billed to the other guy’s insurance. That’s about $600 more than was quoted, due to the radiator support.

There is only one noticeable discrepancy that lets you know it has been repaired. When the fender was painted, the body shop also painted the inner lip of the fender that sits under the hood. From the factory, the inner lip of the fender on these cars remains a dull gray color, like the rest of the engine bay (and under the rear cargo floor). It’s probably not noticeable to the average person, but it’s there if you know what you are looking for.


(The before picture)

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