Back from the Brewery Tour.

Photo by Sean Moore

Yesterday, three friends and I took part in the North American Softroaders hill country brewery tour - in the SAAB of course. It was amazing fun.

I’ll have more photos and even a short video of splashing through a creek crossing later. We only fully participated in the first leg of the trip through the back roads and to the Pedernales brewery, before we split off to visit some stuff on our own.


I didn’t spot Captain Daytrip’s jeep anywhere, but there were way more vehicles than expected, so I don’t know if the groups split up. We arrived at the starting point literally as the last few jeeps were headed out so we missed if that happened.

In any event the SAAB soaked up the gravel and mud back roads, even loaded down with four people and a full cooler. Surprisingly I don’t think we bottomed out even once through the many dips and bumps, although a rock in a semi-dry river bed did make contact with the exhaust pipe (which hangs down about 1.5" below the flat floor of the vehicle). The SAAB was by far the oldest vehicle (the next oldest being a 1980's Toyota) but it wasn’t the most unlikely participating, there was a minivan with rugged tires in attendance that seemed to do just fine (although I doubt they got over those same rocks without some scraping).

Tomorrow will be driving the SAAB out towards Cali on I-10.

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