Saw some cool cars in Miami, obviously. Am glad my wife deems Carnival Cruise lines inferior. Bummed we didnt get to go to the correct islands due to the hurricane currently hitting Bermuda. Glad to be home. And now stuck in a conundrum.

Previously I had informed Oppo of landing a new job, while still having a few companies consider me. Well I returned from the Caribbean on Saturday morning and got an offer from a company I would much rather work for (more money, almost no commute, provides a product I am genuinely excited about). I have accepted both offers and finalized paperwork with the second company (the one I like more) but am waiting on the return of background check and drug screen (there will be no issues with either). I don't know how I am going to exit the company I started with today, should I do it now and wait out the week without working (even though the only work I will be doing here will be orientation) or work at company A until I have 100% certainty of employment at company B on Monday morning?

I feel like more of a bastard the longer I will sit here, with the knowledge that I plan to leave by the weeks end. There is no doubt that I will take the offer from company B once my paperworknis all finalized, but what should I do when I inform my new, current boss about the other job.

Jagvar, you literally just went through this. How did you pull it off?