The past two days have been interesting in the way of cars are concerned for me. So I’ll start my story here for anyone who doesn’t know me. A few years ago I bought a 2013 Jetta TDI 6spd. I loved that car. Drove the hell out of it, about 25-30k miles a year. When the buy back came up I was torn because I knew anything not diesel would be the same for me. But I took the money and ran and bought a new Passat. That car has been great. It is a real looker for a sedan and it has lots of fun toys.

In this time I also have moved to a new house, my first house at that. I have been seeing the space of a wagon or SUV would be really nice. SUV is out of the picture because I drive too much but the next thought was a Golf Sportwagon or a Golf Alltrack. So over the weekend I hit up my local dealer to test drive an all track with absolutely no intentions of buying anything since it was more than I wanted to spend, but I just wanted to test the water and see the trade in on my car would be since its less than a year old. So I stopped in my local dealer and walk to an all track, the sales guy walks out to me as usual and I start playing around in the interior, Then I see it. It was a 2015 Golf TDI Sportwagen. The ones that were just approved to be resold. I asked him if this one was for sale and what was the deal. He said its one of the only ones he does not have that is spoken for. I look at it and we talk about all of the VW incentive including 0% financing . I decided to have them appraise my car and I took it for a spin.

I fell back in love. It was just like the jetta but a bit more spirited to drive and it had loads of cargo space. I knew that moment if they gave me the right money for my trade in I was gunna pull the trigger. Sure enough they offered me 1500 more than I wanted and I got approved for the 0% and my payments want down about 80 a month. Needless to say I took the sport wagon home. While I will miss the passat I knew the TDI is the unicorn worth keeping. I had literally no plans of getting rid of my car so soon but it just fell into line so now I am one of the few TDI owners left in existence. A wagon at that. Only thing I wish is that it was a manual but I can’t lie, the DSG trans is great 100x better than the auto in my passat. Any way that is my story from today. Next thing is, I am one of the few people who bought a new 2015 TDI in 2017, what do you want to know oppo ?