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Back in business

But first, my neighbor bought a radmobile.

So my 20-year, 2-month-old Kenwood receiver died this week. Man, every time I turn around, something else is goddamn broken.

So I got a fairly cheap Sony receiver, got it set up yesterday, driving the big speakers so I can listen to music and watch stuff while I work again.


The Sony has a couple things going for it— one being the really really nice control knobs. Man, they have absolutely nailed the heavy analog feel of my grandpa’s McIntosh components. And they have that nice spinny brush finish. Very clean appearance, and I’m happier with it than I expected to be.


But the best part?



It’s not super-audiophile quality, sure. But to be able to just instantly pop a podcast on the big speakers while I’m working, without having to fiddle with the iphone dongle and switching input cables in the back? I’m already sold.


Now, if only everything could be wireless.

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