Most of these “Back in my day” stories involve talking about life before the internet and how good everyone has it now. Now that we’ve got 20 years of prolific internet life behind us, it’s time to shift this. Anyone over 25 or 30 will follow this.

So...back in my day:

-You never, ever, ever gave your first and last name online.

-The most annoying advertising wasn’t clickbait — it was a popup for the X10 spy camera.

-Your friends were broken into two groups: the nerds using mIRC and the casual users on ICQ. And your parents, who preferred AIM.

-Teachers and professors would never post their notes online. You’d never come to class again.

-Personal websites were seen as cocky self-promotion and laughed about behind your back.


-Text messaging was free and nobody used it.

-Mapquest’s printed driving directions were the cutting edge of navigational tools.

-Nobody knew where you were, and it was nice. Tracking your cell phone required a subpoena.


Keep it going, oppo.