Back in NJ...

Back in NJ, more details after the jump...

This may be a bit long, so please pardon the details.

So, after living in the Phoenix area (Gilbert) for a year, I decided to move back to NJ. I had made the move for a position at a Medical Device company, where I would be heading up the regional PHX office, and repairing patients advance function power wheelchairs.


The job was lonely, very lonely. I was in charge of the office, warehouse, shipping/receiving, delivery and repair. The plan was to have me hire 2-3 more employees, after which I would be managing the office and overseeing daily operations. This did not happen. I was hung out to dry, and left to do everything myself. Needless to say, after about 10 months of solitude (except my daily interactions with VERY sick people) I cracked. I decided that being this far from my family/friends and daughter wasn’t worth it.

With little more than the clothes and computer I arrived with, I packed up last night, and returned today. I am staying with my sister in Pompton Lakes, near Wayne. My parents also live there, the house is a mother/daughter style. Living and sleeping areas are all independent and on different floors. My mom cooks dinner every night, and the family eats together. Other than that, everyone co-exists in their own living areas.

At first, I was skeptical of the idea, but it has worked very well for them for the year they have been there. I can see why. It’s nice to have family close enough to rely on, but also separated enough where everyone lives their own lives.

The best news is, when I landed today in Newark, I had an email from a local Medical Device company. They had found my resume online and were reaching out regarding a job they have available. It happens to be 8 miles from me. I responded at 930 this evening, and was responded TO at 945. The guy asked if we could schedule a phone interview for TOMORROW at 1030 am. HELL YES. Job description reads exactly like my previous job, minus the being alone part. If this turns out to be true, I am crossing my fingers that it pays well, and potentially could work out.


So, to recap. Been back in Jersey for 6 hours and have a job interview lined up for the morning, that’s both local and right in my wheelhouse. I am excited....thanks for reading!

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