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Back in the Game

The last few years, I haven’t owned a lawn mower...usually I’ve got at least one that I’m tinkering with to flip and make a few bucks, but I haven’t really since my kids were born. So tomorrow I’m heading out to Dartmouth (I call it Fartmouth, which works better in print because its pronounced Dartmith) to pick up this project.

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A John Deere LX176, which makes it somewhere between 21 and 28 years old because they were made from 91-98. Powered by a single cylinder Kawasaki engine making 14hp, its got a pedal operated hydrostatic trans and had an MSRP just north of $4000 when it was sold new. 38" deck has a rot spot, but whatever, I have a welder now.

It hasn’t run in three years or so, but did run when parked under the seller’s back deck. It looks to be in reasonable shape aside from the hood and seat, both of which I plan to replace. I’m bringing a jump pack and ether, and I’d be willing to bet the purchase price that it fires on the ether and runs on new gas because these Kawasaki small engines, if you’ve never had one, are AWESOME.


I rented a trailer thats almost certainly too small to put it in with the deck on, but Deere decks are easy to remove, so no problem there.

This will be something like my 6th Deere rider. I had a 212 back in the day (too big and too old to use for my lawn, turned like a train), then an LX277 (best tractor I’ve ever had) and a 185 Hydro. I also had an STX38 and an RX75, the former of which is their first ever ‘entry level’ tractor and the second is a rear engine rider. I like my tractors green and yellow, guys.


Because depreciation is my favorite thing in the world, I’m paying $75 for this bad boy...$90 if you count the trailer. If it runs I’ll cut the lawn with it tomorrow, because the landscape is slacking.

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