Back in the good old days

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Remember when cars where fun and affordable? When big tires, lumpy cams and something protruding from the hood was TUFF and not at all considered tacky? Before the days of over-restored, date coded, numbers matching, museum quality investment pieces that they are now? The boring, dust collections sitting in climate controlled, carpeted garages only to be handled ever so delicately with the white glove treatment? The most excitement we get is when they are PUSHED across the auction block and over and over every single one of these "RARE" cars is sold for 20 times its original asking price to someone we all know probably won't be laying black patches with it.


What about the days before complicated, computer controlled, high tech, massive wheels and rubber band tires on this trend known as the G Machine? What's this you want your '69 Camaro to handle like a 2012 Vette??? Go buy a new Vette then! Stop trying to make old cars new!

If you agree with these statements, you found the right site on the internet!

Just some truly inspirational words taken from the 70's street machines info page.

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