So far, I've changed the dizzy cap, rotor, plugs and wires. Still no start, so I've been working on the fuel system. She starts like a dream on ether, so at least the sparky bits are good.

Past that, I've ordered a new fuel pump relay and a set of injectors, swapped in a known good relay/ECU set, and she's not starting. However, I'm about 80% sure it's injectors now, since I am getting some fuel pressure when I crack the CSI line. I also threw a noid light on the #1 and the CSI plugs, and both are getting signal. I may throw the pressure gauge on before I go to bed tomorrow morning, just to see if I'm getting good fuel pressure. (Factory spec: 36psi, +- 3psi)

I'm NOT looking forward to pulling the fuel rail, though. Even if I do have a brand-new set of Renault Fuego injectors that will be here on my next day off...

Anyway, have a pic of the parts pile I have yet to install.