Back to the Dark Side: Solid State

So, I've decided to rid my living area of the small Sony dock-style sound system and go old skool with a Crown IC150 pre-amp, Crown DC150 amp, a Marantz 105 and a set of Tannoy SRM12B studio monitors I had laying around. Nice full sound, even with somewhat compressed digital files!

This was inherited from from a friend of my mother's who had it sitting in their attic for years and years and asked if I had any interest in it. My first thought was to pass it along, but my father wisely talked me down.


He's a bit of an audio fiend that currently sports two set-ups. First up is a Conrad Johnson MF2500 SS amp which is rated at 250wpc RMS but actually puts out (based on Stereophile test results) 300wpc RMS into 8ohms and 600wpc at 4ohms and 900wpc at 2ohms and is mated to a Conrad Johnson PFR pre-amp. Speakers are Hyperion 938's which are like the Wilson Watt Puppies model 7 in that they have bass cabinets with twin 8" woofers and a triangulated 'puppy' separate cabinet which sits on top of the bass cabinet with 6" mid range and 1" dome tweeter. Tjoeb 99 (Marantz CD unit) tube output CD player, plus a "Full Circle" Wilson Benesche turntable with a MC cartridge and Roark pre-pre-amp for the MC cartridge do the spinning as well as Apple Airport Express.

His 'vintage' set-up uses Quad II mono blocks (one each side) and Conrad Johnson tube PV4 pre-amp connected to fully restored Quad 57 electro-static speakers. Another Tjoeb 99 tube output player for CD duties and a Garrard 301 NOS BBC turntable with SME3012 12" arm and Shure M75 cartridge. Not a cheap hobby...

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