Back to the Grind (Rap Inside)

Preparing for an exam and writing two papers tonight. Yee. (Conan bait)

I have too much homework.
And I need a sick beat.
And a fresh flow. Not of the dork.
Too much time left to go. Something neat.
And you 'outta know, it's a feat
Pulling an allnighter, oh! I ain't a cheat.
And my professah, 'outta write a lettah
Cuz this senior is meaniah leaniah cleaniah then his whole class
He studying hard, works his ass off
Reading Kant, Marx, and Kompt!
Sayin to all his future employers, he's destroyer
Of tires, liahs, who aspires, acquire and hire.
Now tonight I gotta bring to light the answer
To these questions that lay ahead, in my head
Now tonight I gotta bring to right the answer
To these questions that were wrong, all along
Now tonight I gotta ring my ears with the advancer's
Cue to next track. Now to bring the beat back.


Give me some sick beats, like you did last time :)



Taking videos of supercars using supercars. Makes sense.

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