Back to the gym....or sorta

I took a long break from working out and rehabed my wounded old body and nursed some depression after my job failure in Maryland. I am now trying to find my inner gym rat again...I gained more than I care to admit and generally frustrated. I have a Comic Convention where I wear some silly doesn’t fit right now. So I have a goal...

Army injuries, old soccer injuries and generally old age have hurt my motivation to really workout hard any more. I knew in Soccer and the Army that I had to push myself...push through the pain and keep going...keep going...don’t feel the pain. Now everything hurts...and I don’t want to keep going. I want a beer.

My contract is also getting rebid at my work. So this can be creative or painful too. I have to reinterview and fight for my job in hopes I can keep my current salary. Resumes...suits...and handshakes.

Been a frustrating month for Azrek. But next month is the Grand Prix in StPetersburg and then I am shipping out to Ireland to try and replace my blood with Guinness from the source in order to become Immortal (my 3rd attempt at this in Dublin).

Music for your time....

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