I just picked up my rental bear canister from REI today so now I have everything I need to finish up my pack for the weekend. With the bear canister weighing in at 3lbs, extra layers for the cold temps, and plenty of food and water, my bag weighs in a bit heavy. But I guess it could be worse. Final weigh in has come out to 36lbs including everything. That puts me at about 24% of body weight which is certainly within spec of classic backpacking weights. Modern standards with all of the ultralight stuff means that’s actually quite heavy but I ain’t got the money for that stuff. Money that is better spent on car parts! I really wanted to pack my hammock but another few pounds is not worth it at this point.


As for food I calculated out the following:

Plus I shoved a couple slices of bread in there for the salami and a peanut butter sandwich on two more slices of bread so there’s at least a couple hundred more calories not accounted for. So I certainly shouldn’t starve to death. I won’t be happy if my stove dies but I also won’t go hungry immediately.


I also bought a set of these so hopefully my feet thank me. Making that REI membership earn it's keep now. Dividend will finally pay off the original purchase amount. 

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