Bad automotive purchase

A friend of mine at work was recently promoted to management and decided to treat himself to a new(er) car to replace his 2011 Mitsubishi Galant or Diamante or whatever it was. Last year his wife gave birth to a baby daughter, their second child, so I guess they thought it was SUV time. His purchase?

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2016 Jeep Compass with 35,000 miles. I can sense the collective groaning and facepalms of everyone reading this. Not surprisingly, it’s already left him stranded and late for work, with this week’s failure being the throttle body. He’s a very smart guy, but I question his logic when he makes purchases like this. It really makes you believe in the Peter Principle, which means he’s headed for top echelons of leadership. This is similar to a friend at my last job that was determined to avoid buying an FCA product when they wanted a minivan, so proceeded to buy a VW Routan - another facepalm moment.

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