A friend of mine at work was recently promoted to management and decided to treat himself to a new(er) car to replace his 2011 Mitsubishi Galant or Diamante or whatever it was. Last year his wife gave birth to a baby daughter, their second child, so I guess they thought it was SUV time. His purchase?

2016 Jeep Compass with 35,000 miles. I can sense the collective groaning and facepalms of everyone reading this. Not surprisingly, itā€™s already left him stranded and late for work, with this weekā€™s failure being the throttle body. Heā€™s a very smart guy, but I question his logic when he makes purchases like this. It really makes you believe in the Peter Principle, which means heā€™s headed for top echelons of leadership. This is similar to a friend at my last job that was determined to avoid buying an FCA product when they wanted a minivan, so proceeded to buy a VW Routan - another facepalm moment.