Took a couple of phone pics last week that I failed to post. Our bodyshop gets many other shop’s screw-ups and this one made us ask “WTF?” when we saw it. Some places will try anything.

It looks like the last shop put a drywall screw through the bumper bracket area of the front cover when they couldn’t get the cover to stay snapped in because their other work was sub-standard. They covered the screw with nearly 1/8" of body filler. There were more several more things on the car that were shoddy but this was comical. The paintwork was crap too. It may have been done by a bargain rate body shop. You get what you pay for.

Two weeks ago I should have taken pictures of a several year old car with grit in the paint on one side. It was a car that the insurance company said had never been wrecked before but you could tell that sometime it had the entire right side repaired and sprayed in what looked like a minor sandstorm. Our guys used a collision marker to pick out all the sand and send it to the insurance company. The car looked like it had measles. Body gaps were off and the rear door had an “outie” dent. Its amazing what some shops think is good work.