Bad Car Ideas with Akio

Not this one, but I LOVE those wheels
Not this one, but I LOVE those wheels

During the run up for our last cheap car challenge, the Jaguar S-Type was brought to my attention. I didn’t end up buying the one I looked at, but it has still stuck in the back of my mind. Apparently you could get it with a 400HP 4.2L Supercharged V8 that, in 2002, was allegedly the fastest 4-door in the world.


I want one.

My plan is to start hunting for one in the next couple of months, after I change jobs and after I get the Alfa and Saab in a little better health. While I would love to fill the wagon shaped hole in my heart, I think I’d rather follow up the Volvo and Wagovan up with something completely different. Would be on the hunt for a supercharged model in green.  I wish you could get it in manual but alas.....


Allegedly you can coax 500+ HP out of them with relative ease, so that would be on the short TODO list.

Bad idea? Of course.

Fun idea? I think so.

What does Oppo think?  What should I watch out for?  What years are the ones to get?

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