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Bad Craigslist Luck- My (Jeep) XJ Search Continues

Does anyone else just have terrible craigslist luck? As you know, I'm currently looking for a 4wd winter beater so I can buy a BR-Z. Over the past week, I have reached out to around 6 people about a Jeep Cherokee, and only received responses from 1 (which, but the time i could drive the 1.5 hours to see it, was already sold). I'm not sure if its the questions I'm asking or old ads (even though they were less than 2-3 days old at the time), but getting a reply seems to be difficult. Below is a group of questions i typically ask if they are not stated in the ad. Am I asking too much? I just want to make sure i'm not wasting anyone's time, especially when i have to drive 3 hours round trip.


1. Does the jeep use/leak any oil or antifreeze?

2. Does the jeep have a hitch (if there is not a picture of it)?

3. Do the heat and AC work as expected?

4. Any rust issues (I looked at a jeep on a carlot over the weekend that was "rust free" and literally poked my finger through the quarter panel)?


5. Any major maintenance that has recently been completed?

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