Bad day blues

This is a picture of my car from earlier this year. I bought it 2 years ago. I was getting too many speeding tickets and was frustrated with holding back so far from the cars performance window, so I started autocrossing at a club that is close to me. I figured it was a safe place to learn to drive the car better. This season was my first season. On the last race of the season I had a hard impact with a wall of tires on course. I guess I took safety for granted and learned a hard lesson.


Needless to say, my spirits were more crushed than my front end. I got home and stripped the front end. Turns out the drivetrain and suspension are salvageable.

Now I am on the hunt for a clean chassis that I can swap my drivetrain into. I have spent the weekend in Vancouver trying to find something with no luck. Now I have to go home with nothing.

Kind of bummed.


I hope I’m not breaking any rules, but here is a link to my gofundmepage. I work as a parts salesman at a wreckers yard and I have been spending everything I have on this car. I don’t make great money, but I have fallen in love with racing. Now I need to put it all back together.

I will be documenting the work this winter. First I need to come up with a clean Shell. If anyone knows of a reasonably priced rust free Shell in the Pacific Northwest (canada preferably) or would like to help with buying the chassis, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Picture of the wall.

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