I feel sick to my stomach Oppo.

So, just recently I needed to get soda for myself since we were out at my house, so as I pull into the driveway of my house I realize I don’t have my wallet. So I panic and I start to get really nervous that I left it at the parking lot of the CVS I got my soda at. So I back out to go to CVS to look for it, then I hear a thud so I put my car forward, and then I see it. I dented the rear passenger door of my neighbor’s orange Mercedes 240D. The kicker? My Wallet had fallen in the crack of my driver's side door, so this all didn't need to happen but it did. So, after months of anal retentive driving, I've caused an accident thanks to my own stupidity and I feel sick about myself. Thankfully my neighbor is nice so I'll send them the insurance info and call the company and get it straightened out, but I just hate myself at this moment.