Bad decisions...

I found a 2014 BMW 335i with 7,500 miles near me. That’s right, not 75k, only 7,500 little miles. That means it’s practically brand new (probably). It’s a one owner car, has a clean Carfax too, so I’m quite interested.

It also allegedly has a manual transmission - I’m always surprised at how many cars are listed on various sites as “manual” when the pictures show an automatic, typically with either flappy paddles or the bumpy stick. No interior pic for this car, but I’m concerned because at the top of the listing it says 6 speed manual, but down under model details it says “Mode Select Transmission” which makes me think an auto with a bumpy stick.

Anyways, I may go take a look at it to see what kind of trans it has and maybe take it for a test drive. They want $27.4k (though Cargurus says it was originally $26,975). That seems like a good price to me for a car with such low mileage. What do you all think?


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