So this is a story of other peoples misfortune, that I am somewhat finding amusement in right now. After the jump for fun...

So today one of the graphic designers I lean heavily on didn't come into work. I have been advising him on all the cars he wants but should not have as a junior graphic designer making no money. Like oh here is an 01 C43 AMG for $4500, is this a good car for me even though I know not how to change a headlight and have no money beyond the initial purchase price? Kid doesn't have a car, lives at home. I am trying to steer him into something durable and not labor intensive to keep right.

So he has been off to look at a bunch of cars on company time, which may have caused one of the owners to take a slight amount of pity on him and let the kid use the 04-ish Galant his son no longer needs. The only problem is it is under the owners insurance, which I am thinking was on liability only. This morning the designer did not show up because he totaled the Galant. I haven't talked to him yet to find out the damage, but god damn. What a way to start your career with a company. He has been here a month and a half.


Words to the wise - don't borrow the bosses car, and if you do, make sure you are extra careful with it and/or intend to own it.