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Bad Factory Options

I love my GTO named Lilith

Out at Reyes Peak

I think the GTO was one of GM’s best ideas. It is sad they will no longer be importing V8 Aussiemobiles (yes that is a word), but that doesn’t mean all the options for the vehicles were good.


Like my car (above) had the 17" wheels, but the 18" wheels are choice!

Image Courtesy of AfromanGTO

But let us see some of the interior options..

You could get the GTO in Cosmos Purple with purple interior....


Or Red with red interior


Or blue like mine with blue interior


If you have seen other comments of mine I am very much against full color interiors. I think color should be reserved for accents to enhance the interior, not overwhelm it.


Personally I love the color in the door cards, rear side trim to match the door cars, and dash and console accents. Those along with the black seats and color matched stitching (already standard on the black seats) would make for a very handsome interior. I think that is how GM should have imported the cars. Just some fun information for you all.

Random extra fact!!

The GTO trunk in miniscule


Why you ask? Well GM couldn’t or wouldn’t make the factory under car Holden tank pass US safety regulations, so in the trunk it went.


With the interior trim it takes up a lot of space

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