Ok, not really rage, but a 2nd Gen Honda Fit G that is averaging 8kpl (according to the computer) is not good. The range indicator thinks I should get around 500km on a tank, and I think the actual is somewhere below 250 as well.

Since we were gone for two months it has taken me until now to put a few tanks of gas through the (new to us) car to be certain. So today I started trying to eliminate culprits. Since a new air filter is easy, and this was the old one:

Illustration for article titled Bad Gas Km-rage.

(That’s after vacuuming a bunch of debris off it); I replaced the air filter. 2800¥ isn’t exactly cheap though.

I also picked up a 299¥ fuel system treatment to see if it will help when I fill up tomorrow.


Next weekend if I have time I will consider pulling the plugs since it is at 111K km (Though from what I’ve read the plugs should be good for 100K miles).

Looking around the engine though, I start to wonder how worthwhile a cold air intake would be...

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