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Ok. I’m selling my short shifter and and using the proceeds to buy another steering wheel and rewrap the whole steering wheel in Ultrasuede (basically Alcantra without the brand name)...More after the break..


The short shifter is officially dead (as both parents hate it and it indirectly is blamed for my friend burning up the presumably original whoever wants to buy a slightly used Monkey Wrench Racing short shifter for a 2003-2008 Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe. I don’t know how to adjust it, which may even cause more clutch woes.

Clutch has been changed to an Exedy Clutch of some sort. Stiff as fuck though. I don’t know how to rev match nor heel toe, so downshifting incites the front wheels locking up and making tire squealing sounds. Hill starts have gotten harder.


Oh yeah, with the Ultrasuede. I need to first learn how to use a sewing machine (probably need to learn from my mom..she’s a seamstress..) to sew some the Ultrasuede together. And I’m trying to put a red stripe (Like the Renault Megane RS) in the yeah. Fuck. That’s harder than I thought.

My JB welded Lotus Key has failed, as 6 hour setting JB Weld does not hold up to the rigors of me Stalling and starting. I guess the 24 hr stuff and some 40 grit sandpaper.


And sometime soon I need to borrow my buddy’s help/tools and get my shifter bushings installed. Maybe a 1-1.5 hour job.

Gas is expensive. 91 (gracias California, I’ll try 96 next time I go past Sonoma) is not cheap. Corner carving is expensive.


Meanwhile on the back end, my “Hoonigan Kill All Tires” (ironically enough with my unintentional squealing front primewell Prius tires grabbing for grip) has “Kill All Tires” taped over. The mother is happy with that.

And I think I like a girl now....she’s cute and somewhat on my level....I don’t fucking know.......she seemed cool on the flight...she seemed surprised on the fact I’ve never been to a sleepover (parents) then glanced on me on how of a person I may be..Jesus she even questioned least she seemed cool...not a half wit though.....and I’m a occasionally irrational human being...and what life is often similar when a dog catches a car...what does one dog do with the car? and its fucking meandering paths, it’s a bloody hell of a world.

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