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Bad Idea Fairy: Lexus Edition

The bad idea fairy visited me at lunch today in the form of a post on Nextdoor (for those unfamiliar it’s like Facebook, but limited to small geographic regions). A neighbor wanted to know what to do with her 2008 Lexus RX350 with only 106k miles that needs “$13k in repairs”.

After wading through the comments, most suggesting she donate it, I learned the following:


When our RX330 got totaled last year, we got almost $10k for it. So I’m thinking that there’s some value here for someone willing to put in the work, but I can’t do 2 projects cars at once.

I offered to trade her the Volvo for it.

Also, wasn’t there an Oppo who had an offroad Lexus RX that he lifted slightly and put on some BFGoodrich A/T KOs, a safari rack, lights, etc.

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