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Bad Idea (Future Hemi Rampage?) V2?

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Not MY Rampage.
Not MY Rampage.
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On a scale of 1 (being “meh”) and 10 (being “armageddon”) how bad of an idea would it be to buy a Charger, or Dodge truck with Hemi and use all the components in my Rampage? Like engine, trans, axles, the whole 9 yards sitting under the Rampage?


Huh? whatcha think? Keeping in mind I made an AMC Eagle fuel injected and it mostly works most of the time...


So it appears people more than kind of like this idea... So in the spirit of continuing an excellently terrible thought...


Should I go:

1) Truck Mode: Hemi with basically a Ram truck stuff

2) Offroad Mode: Hemi with Jeep Rubicon transmission, 4LO, and 44's

3) Speed Mode: Hemi with Charger gear kinda like this Miata <— YouTube link

4) AWD Mode: Hemi with somehow making it permanent AWD

I’m kind of leaned towards the Speed Mode. It’s so light it already boogies down dirt roads pretty good. And unless I jack the thing WAY UP it’s never going to have any sort of reasonable clearance to warrant a 4LO scenario. I think smoke-show-speed might make more sense. Maybe bag or coil it. And I feel like a Charger’s front end might be more adaptable to the Rampage. I can just cut stuff out and re-weld the whole shebang right into the front end. Cut out a trans-tunnel, slap in the butt end and bingo; steering, suspension, drivetrain taken care of. Then I only have to fit the massive engine in there...


I mean I won’t be getting my hands on a Hellcat or anything that show boaty. But with a curb weight of only 2400lbs it should GO. Take out like 150 lbs of leafs, add back 400lbs more of engine 100lbs more gear to run it and all good...

3500's diesel would be cool too, but I don’t think its steering rack and axles and whatnot will fit oh so great.



Update 2:

Been giving this more thoughts. I’m now stuck between 3 general ideas.

1) 4WD capable, doesn’t need a “Low” 2:1, or 4:1. just spin all 4 tires. Transmission and transferase room might be pushing it.


2) RWD with a 5.7L Hemi. They seem easy enough to get. With or without the rest of the car it originally came in. So far the most likely scenario.

3) RWD with some batshit Rotary engine. Twin scroll, twin turbo, twin rotor scenario... Seems like it’d be hard/$$$ to wrangle this gear together in Calgary.

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