So, after much debate, my wife and I have come to the conclusion that we need a second vehicle. She works from home and is stuck there regularly. She wants me to get a small pickemup truck, which I fully support. Our budget is $3000 but I’d like to stay under $2500 if possible.

So I saw this on Craigslist:

And my sister has a 2wd 1994 XJ Cherokee, with a recently rebuilt rear axle, and the factory mesh wheels with nearly new tires. Unfortunately, a bunch of little things have gone wrong with it and it’s due to be donated to NPR before the end of the year.


Her jerp is now my jerp

So I sent the ad, along with the idea of towing the Comanche and the Cherokee to my sister’s mechanic to have the axle and wheels swapped.


If she says it’s a go, I’m going to look at the Comanche today.