Found this in the back 40 at work. Coworker said I could probably have it for a make-it-go-away price.

Old home-built car hauler. Apparently it’s been sitting for a couple years. I was shifting some junk around back there with the skidsteer so I figured I’d drag it out of the weeds and have a look at it.

It’s not pretty, but it is solid. It’s got a tilt deck but also has ramps sitting on it, didn’t check to see if it still tilted or not. It only has brakes on the rear axle and I think they drag a little (or else both bearings are shot) from the sound they make but otherwise all the wheels spin freely. It definitely needs new rubber, new boards on the deck, and the lights and wiring completely replaced. Don’t know if the brakes work but the wires are cut off and there’s only a four-pin connector so I imagine they haven’t worked for a while.

I’ll have to wait a couple weeks until my boss gets back, but I’ve been kinda wanting a car hauler for a while, and if I can get this one for next to nothing...? Because I really only need to move a car once or twice a year, I’ve been mostly okay just renting or borrowing something, but it’s a bit of a pain sometimes being restricted to someone else’s schedule, and I think this one could fit my needs once it’s cleaned up a bit.

What thinks Oppo?