Bad idea, or bigly bad idea?

My wife wants a crossover for her next car. My rational side was considering a Cx-5 and the like. But then I started searching for Isuzu Axioms. Soonafter, I found myself looking up this: the 9-4x

I have seen one in person, ever. I am aware that it is a stupid-rare rebagded Cadillac. A minor collision would almost certainly total it (like an unfortunate Oppo who just lost his 9-5). However, I kind of like it for some reason. And if you don’t get the Aero, they’re not too expensive.


My wife likes pretty much all the crossovers. From the Rogue to the CRV. Still, in the same way I was drawn to an uncommon hatchback, I would enjoy the novelty of co-owning an uncommon CUV.

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