So, I’m looking at purchasing something more economical than my Land Cruiser and my Taurus SHO, and right now I’ve narrowed it down to two vehicles. Either a used BMW i3 REx w/ Tech package or a used 2016 Prius Four Touring. I have about a 65-70 mile commute for work at least 5 days a week, and both of my other vehicles typically average 14MPG (LC) or 18MPG (SHO).

My biggest issue is that we take a family trip at least once per year and usually we go over 1000 miles. And I’m not sure how big of a pain in the rear taking the i3 on a trip that far would be even though it will have the range extender, I will still have to fill up a LOT.


I know the Prius will give me more room and stuff for those trips, but it won’t really be needed most of the time, as we use the Land Cruiser or SHO for almost everything anyway.

I really like the look of the i3 and the newer Prius isn’t bad either. I think the i3 would suit me better in the long run as I am currently hoping to be living a lot closer to work in the next year, whether moving closer or getting promoted to the job I want that is only a couple miles away from home. I also feel like I would have a better time with the i3 at Cars and Coffee and the like because it is more unique and not a Prius.


So here is where it becomes a possibly bad idea, I would be taking whichever one I choose on a trip to California from here in Oklahoma for our family trip for the 4th of July week. How bad of an idea is it to drive an i3 that far, especially one that will be entirely new to me over taking a Prius with Toyota’s legendary reliability and is a CPO vehicle? Also I’d only have to fill the Prius a few times, whereas the i3 wouldn’t miss a gas station.

So what say you Oppo?

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