Look I need a second project car like I need a hole in the head, buuuuuut i saw a for sale sign on a car On the way home and I had to turn around.

This has been sitting in that spot long enough that I have referred to it as that “Stud sitting in Stunz Ave.” I saw the sign so I went to check it out.The sign next to the for sale sign says “ran when parked , price will go up as I work on it. Act fast” couldn’t be more cliché.

Image: I never noticed but the Lark kinda looks like a budget Fin tail Merc maybe that was intentional


The car is in rough shape, has about 6 layers of paint, the top gold and black look like they were applied with a roller, it’s automatic, and it has a weird 80s looking gauge in the dash so it’s not all original. After looking at the front of the car, and interior I was only mildly interested, and even said it loud to myself “it’s probably just a straight 6, kinda boring” then I say this.


The seller is obviously an older gent, he left a note pad and pen on his front door from people to leave an note of. They are interested in the car. I am so I left a note.

My strategy is to see if he’ll let me bring a battery, some tools and a friend and see if I can get it running because if I can, the. I can test drive it. If the brakes and steering work fine than it’s definitely worth the 850 bucks. Even if I just cruise around in it for a summer and sell it the next.m


(Also the next too it is a gold Volvo 740 wagon which is under a tarp. Maybe I can do a package deal!