Since my 208 will leave next week, I need something to replace it.
The good thing is: I’m off work next week so I have plenty of time to go check out cars and find one that fits me.
The bad thing is: I’m pretty much an idiot when it comes to cars.

So in the last days I spent some time looking for a replacement car (who am I kidding? I always look for cars) and found some interesting bits.

I mainly focused on convertibles , because the last days have been so hot I was expecting a pair of hobbits coming into my flat to come and destroy a ring. I also realized the money I got (or will get) for my Pug gets you a lot of convertible if you are brave (or stupid) enough.

For example, there is this SL500. 131.000 km, from 2002:


Pros: I love the exterior look of it.
Cons: I’m 30, not 62. It’s an auto. What could possibly go wrong with a 15 year old high end Benz?

Then there’s this E93. 123.500 km from 2007 in a lovely shade of blue:


Pros: The E93 is one of the better looking 3 series in my opinion. I like the color, it is probably more reliable than the other 2
Cons: I’m not really into BMWs, so keeping it for an long time is not an option. I don’t know about the resale value.

And my favorite, a 1973 Porsche 911, sans engine or transmission, that has been for sale for more than a year, and that has so much potential, in the form of a 13b and no bodywork (I love to piss people off):


Pros: probably gains value if I do the work correctly (so, no rotors and a new paint job)
Cons: I have too many projects and won’t be able to drive it this summer, or the next 3

Let’s all hope the weather cools down in the next days, or I might do something massively stupid.