Decided to do Mailbox Peak, which is likely the toughest single-day hike in Washington state. Fuck that hike, fuck that mountain, and I will never go back. But I’m happy that I did it. Now excuse me while I lay down in the shower and die.

They made a new trail to the top—twice as long, full of switchbacks—because at one point S&R was coming out daily for hikers. Look at the difference between these two trails. The old trail is still there, and sees occasional use. 

I took a small bottle of whiskey from the mailbox and downed it. In return I left a flashlight that may help a hiker unfortunate enough to find themselves up here after sunset.


By far the hardest hike I've ever done. Summiting Mt. Adams was a cakewalk in comparison. Time to drink away my aches. Cheers