In the new series, Teach Me How To Copart, Takuro starts watching GM vehicles with the desired 6.0L LS and 6sp automatic trans (that he HOPES will fit under the stock tunnel) that are driveable* for his Trans Am project.

First item up for bids, a 2013 Express with 23k on it and slight side damage. This one is quite far away, but looks to be in fly in-drive home condition.

*It LOOKS like it won’t crab walk the whole drive home.... hell, if the bidding stays low enough on these, maybe I can afford shipping!


So the plan is, to see where these end up, bidding wise. If its worth it, a WHOLE van is a lot easier to use for my project than a dropout motor/trans/ecu/wiring.

Now that we looked at a house and our offer was accepted, I will have a 2.5 car garage WITH SLAB to work with.... soon.


We close April 20th.

No pot jokes, please.

Okay maybe really good ones.

Since this van’s auction ends March 7th it gives me time to see how the whole process goes... I just got to avoid bidding :D