Bad Ideas are Ideas, Too

So I got that Monte Carlo a week ago, and I’ve been thinking about what, exactly, to do with it. Ultimately I want to do an 80s NASCAR thing with it, with a 350 and a stick, but for the moment it has a perfectly good 305 and 200R4...what of them?

I had bought this last week, a Jeg’s Stage Control line lock kit and an open element air cleaner. Sweet Trav gave me some sage advice on the computer conrtrolled q-jet I’ve got on the car now (which wasn’t what I wanted to hear at the time, but he was 100% right, so thanks Sweet Trav), basically that the open element air cleaner would be too much for the computer to figure out and I’d lose power. Nobody likes losing power.


So, what I’ve decided to do is completely remove the smog system and computer control from the car. I’d be doing that when I go to a 350 anyway, so I may as well start now. So I’ll pick up a cheap carb and intake manifold (preferably a carb that needs to be rebuilt, I’ve always wanted to rebuild a carb), some headers, and get all the computer control stuff out of there.

“But the 305 still won’t make any power.” Yes, completely true, so...

The great thing about the 305 is that I don’t care about it. The best thing that it could do is make a few passes and then blow up spectacularly. And that kit would bolt right onto whatever motor I replace the 305 with, so that just makes sense to me.

Besides that, I’m thinking drop spindles in the front with stock springs and a 1 or 2 inch drop in the back. Then I’d like an old school stock car exhaust, duals that exit ahead of the RR tire. And for wheels...


Aw yeah. See, my car is black with a red stripe down the side, and when I think of that in terms of NASCAR, what comes to mind is this:


A Lumina, sure, but probably the best looking movie race car I know of. So silver wheels with big ol fat white letter tires is what the Monte Carlo will get.

Anyway, that’s the plan for the Monte Carlo. Abuse it until the 305 or 200R4 bites the dust (or doesn’t!), then get started on the actual good stuff.

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