Considering making a,” locost”(a lotus 7 based chassis) and cramming an na 1uz into it. The idea would be for a slightly wider frame with a longer wheelbase, maybe seat sliders, wider track, 5 lug because I still have the sc400 brakes sitting around..

Half assed mock ups in adobe illustrator to see how things fit. Each cube on the graph represents 1ft.

Havnt decided on solid axle or not and the actual chassis dimensions, hopefully the Haynes manual will give a better idea when it shows up.

Not entirely committed yet but I’ve picked up a welding table, bought a build manual, and enough square tube to build a chassis table for when the mini isnt taking up all the garage real estate.

Here are the parts already laying around: 1uzfe, megasquirt, fuel pumps, some wiring, front hubs, front brakes, steering rack, automatic trans(not a fan of using that but its laying around), 1 k03 turbo, 4 gt25 knockoffs, and a radiator, it’s not an impressive list in the grand scheme of building a car from scratch but it has most of the drivetrain and front suspension which should be enough to get started with the first half of the chassis.


Or maybe it would be better to start with a wrecked 350z and harvest all of its parts to stand a chance at smog compliance....... which negates the point of using up all the excess parts lying around.

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